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Loved and respected by many, Gorbani’s passionate personality and lifestyle have kept him in the forefront of techno since his first debut release almost a decade ago. As a producer, Gorbani’s sound is filled with textural maturity and fluent elegance. It is deep, dark, emotional, and breathes with the manipulation of a few simple ideas. Gorbani’s sound has evolved and grown over his short, yet successful, career; however, it still has maintained his personal and unmistakable groove, as defined on the dance floor by sophisticated rhythms, energetiac synths leds, and sharp bass lines! He is currently broadening his scope with his own imprint, WAVETECH MUSIC.As one can see, Gorbani’s success is due to his hard work and talent, not by mere coincidence.Gorbani’s DJ skills never go unnoticed, for he captivates dance floors with great passion, raw vibes, and positive energy with every set he plays, making him something worth listening to!With solid releases on some of the most cutting edge Deep House & Tech-House labels in the industry, Gorbani is a name to remember…

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